Welcome to the Ultimate Netball Club


With sell-out crowds, Sky TV coverage and a strong community presence sponsorship at Saracens Mavericks represents a sensible investment for businesses big and small. 

A rapidly growing sport, Netball offers the opportunity for businesses to get sponsorship with the value of a professional sports club but at a much smaller cost.

Saracens Mavericks has the perfect mix for businesses; a strong volunteer base; a passionate fanbase; aspiring players; a strong community presence and an outstanding first team who made the Super League Final in 2015.

If you couple that mix of demographic with the Mavericks' desire to ensure that all businesses who invest in the club get a great return on investment and an excellent opportunity to find new customers. If you feel that a partnership with Saracens Mavericks may be a good option for your business please contact mavericksadmin@saracens.net