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21st February 2020

Saracens Mavericks captain Sasha Corbin is all set for this weekend’s Vitality Netball Superleague 2020 season opener against Severn Stars at Arena Birmingham (Saturday 22 February).

Mavericks have enjoyed a good pre-season, including a 59 – 47 win over Wasps Netball at HSV on Saturday 1 February.

That match also saw the team run out in new colours for the first time as they donned black match dresses, having moved away from the purple that has been a part of the franchise since it launched 15 years ago.

For Corbin though there was excitement that, having been part of the Saracens family since the start of 2019, there was finally a chance to wear Sarries colours for the first time.

“We’re just looking forward to representing properly! We’ve got the name, let’s don the dress and the colours!

“It was just more an excitement, more of a ‘this is where we’re going, this is where we can go’ rather than ‘oh no, we’re leaving the purple’.

While there was always an expectation that the team would be moving to the Sarries black and red for the 2020 season, Corbin highlights the team’s trip to the Saracens Big Bash last summer as playing a big part in increasing that desire to play in new colours.

“We were just inspired, and we couldn’t wait to really be part of the family properly. We just wanted to feel a part of it. Everyone felt the same, couldn’t wait to get the kit, couldn’t wait to represent and just wanted to be a part of that big family.”

The Mavericks captain is heading into her ninth season at the franchise and having also been there when it launched, Corbin admits that this season will mean more than most.

“I think it probably means to me more now than it has done in the past just because I guess the history that I have had with the club and being around these fantastic girls that put in 100% effort every training session.

“Those that are involved with England, it doesn’t every feel like they’re totally away because when they come back it’s just seamless, so I hope we can take that into our performances, but yeah it really does mean a lot and I kind of don’t want it to end!”

There was an amusing moment during pre-season when it became apparent that some members of the current Mavericks squad like new signing Chloe Essam were only four or five years old when the franchise started.

However, that has just brought it home to Corbin how special her time at the franchise has been so far, while also emphasising how excited she is for the year ahead.

“It made me think ‘wow I’ve been here that long’. Some of these girls are just starting their journeys. They’ve just got so much more to see and to experience and I’m sure they’ll love the journey, but I just feel incredibly lucky to have been able to do this.

“This is my ninth season and as I said, it feels really special.”

If you don't have tickets for Birmingham make sure you get yours for all our home matches starting on Saturday 7th March @ Herts Sports Village vs Severn Stars Home Matches 2020