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16th December 2019

Friday the 13th saw the Under 19s come up against Severn Stars at home for their second game of the season. After coming off our first win at the NPL Opening Tournament the team was ready to press on and a strong warm up led us to the starting whistle. The first quarter had the starting seven as follows:

GS Eleanor Butt

GA Libby Burgess

WA Bella Baylis

C Jasmine Nightingale

WD Vicky Booth

GD Holly James

GK Katie Fisher

The first few minutes saw both teams settle in but Stars seemed quick to adjust demonstrating their fluidity through court. Most of the quarter saw the game to be goal for goal with Butt and Burgess working the circle effectively sinking 10/11 shots. Our opposition had a strong defensive set up on the centre pass but thanks to Baylis sharp movements we adapted well. The opposition’s GS utilised the back space effectively but thanks to James and Fisher’s defensive partnership we forced errors and gained interceptions from their feeds into the circle. However, Stars responded with a run of three after we made two errors in the goal third. With 3 minutes to go Burgess stepped off with a blood time out and Jemma Nightingale took to court as GA. Nightingale brought great rotation to the circle but some more errors from us and the clinical through court attack from Stars left the score at the end of the quarter at 11-14.

Going into the second quarter several changes were made to our attacking line up these being Burgess back on at GS, Durand taking to court at WA  and Baylis moving to centre. Great defensive pressure and an interception from Fisher meant we turned over Star’s first centre pass setting a great tone for the rest of the quarter. Some brilliant vision from Durand and connectivity with Nightingale’s fast drives made the attack run smoothly. Booth displayed brilliant through court defensive pressure and tough over the ball marking from James forced Stars to make errors. Thanks to this and some brilliant availability in the goal third took us on a run of 5 goals taking us ahead of our opposition. The remaining of the quarter demonstrated that Stars weren’t going down without a fight with the game going back to goal for goal and Stars taking a run of three just before the final whistle. Thank to Mavericks brilliant display at the start of the quarter the score at half time was 25-23.

The third quarter saw only one change this being Brathwaite-Scott to WD. Immediately she demonstrated her speed and elevation by challenging the oppositions second phase in centre pass. However, we initially struggled to convert our possession due to some errors and the Stars GK hunting for flys. This gave Stars a run of three bringing them level with us. After some back and forth from both teams Mavericks pulled back ahead with a run of three thanks to some great set ups in defence and accurate feeds from Baylis. The remaining of the quarter saw Stars make a defensive change who brought more intensity but we challenged this well with some great movements from Burgess and accurate shooting from Nightingale. The game saw errors from both sides but Mavericks held strong managing to hold on to the lead 36-35 at the end of the quarter.

The fourth quarter started well for Mavericks with us capitalising on some shooting inaccuracy from Stars and patiently working the circle to goal. Unfortunately 4 minutes in James went down injured but Booth stepped up to replace her. Mavericks displayed a great deal of composure as we challenged Stars defence creating turnover and sinking our opportunities leading us onto a run of 4. However, Stars did not let up, their centre court maintained pressure over the ball and forced us to use our back-ups. The game became tense as with just 5 minutes to go and only three goals in it several turnovers were made switching possession between the teams. Fortunately due to Fisher keeping the shooters away from post both Booth and Brathwaite-Scott forced errors from Stars by dictating their players and led us to gaining another run of three. Stars responded with a run of two but thanks to our accurate shooting and relentless pressure in defence the quarter ended after a run of 4 from Mavericks giving us a win 50-42.

This game was definitely a battle with some unexpected turns but we pulled through to get our second win leaving us in a fantastic position to continue the season in 2020.

Congratulations to Katie Fisher for receiving Coaches Player and to Jemma Nightingale for receiving Players’ Player.

Huge thanks to everyone who came to watch & to our amazing ball girls Wodson Park Netball Club.

Report written by Eleanor Butt (Captain)