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23rd March 2022

NPL UNDER 19S MATCH : Sunday 20th March @ Queenswood School, Hatfield

After watching the U17s pull through to victory in a very exciting game of netball, we were pumped and ready to get going. We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game and we would have to play well as a team to be able to defeat a strong Leeds Rhinos team. As the music began blasting, we started our warmup.

A quick start saw us fire out the blocks to a 4-1 lead thanks to some slick play and long bombs from our shooting duo Ti and Daisy. But Rhinos kept firing back and after a few mistakes by Mavericks, they came back within one. A quick change with a couple of minutes left on the clock saw Jo enter at GD. The remainder of the quarter went goal for goal with Mavericks holding the lead by one going into the break- 14-13. 

A slight change made at quarter time with Onyinye coming on at WD and Josie moving to C. Again, Mavs struggled to find their rhythm, but we weren’t giving up! The defence continued to apply pressure as the attack kept searching for a way through to goal but the score line remained tight as it went to 22-20. A few more changes were made towards the end of the quarter, meaning Zoe was back on at centre and Phoebe took to court at WA. The end of the first half finished very evenly but Mavs were slightly ahead having extended their lead to 2 goals- 25-23.

Again, at the half time break more changes were made with Mavericks still searching for the combination that would take this game on and ensure we got the win. After an inspiring and positive team talk, the 7 to start the second half were GK- Tori, Jo, Onyinye, Zoe, Phoebe, Daisy, Maddy. 

Much like the start of the game, Mavs came out firing. Great pressure and turnovers from the defence trio Tori, Jo and Onyinye created many turnovers which were beautifully converted thanks to some magical movements from Maddy in at GS and Daisy at GA- helped by the great patience shown by Zoe and Phoebe. Alyssa then came back on at GD and had an instant impact causing a held ball due to her immense arms over! Josie also came back on at WD as Tori and Alyssa switched bibs in defence. We continued to apply pressure and by the end of the quarter we were 6 up- 43-37.

No changes made at quarter break as we looked to maintain our lead through the final quarter. Mavericks were solid through the final quarter with the defensive pressure stepping up a level with Alyssa finishing it off at the back getting turnover after turnover. Daisy getting in on the turnover action taking a lovely interception through court! Final changes saw Makeda make her Mavericks debut and meaning all 12 had taken to court. We won the final quarter by 1 goal, with the final score amounting to 56-49.

It was a great team performance with the honours of player of the match split between Daisy (Oppositions player), Maddy (Players player), and Tori (Coaches’ player). 

Thank you to the coaches and to the officials and the parents for making the match what it was - and a special thank you to Eden and Caitlin who made it along to support!! We go again this week against Surrey Storm as we look to continue our winning streak!

Starting 7: GS- Tiana GA- Daisy WA- Justine C- Zoe WD- Josie GD- Alyssa GK- Tori

Written by: Josie Groves (Captain) 

Photography: Annette Allanson