Welcome to the Ultimate Netball Club

What is Mavericks all About

benecosMavericks is aimed towards helping England to develop top level players. We know that it is crucial for the Netball Super League to succeed in order to provide each individual athlete with the experiences that could help make them the best in the world.

We are fully committed to the development of players, coaches, umpires and all of our staff, striving to give people the opportunities that might enable them to excel in their field.

We continue to stand by our mantra and evolve players, engage with the community and entertain our fans.

When we have to make contributions to decisions for the future of English netball and development of the Netball Superleague, 'Big picture' thinking enables us to identify how we can contribute to helping England to become No. 1 in the world.

The Mavericks Organisation

The benecosMavericks Management Board have worked to achieve a unique Club with links to netball organisations, academic institutions and businesses.

benecosMavericks remain one of the few independent clubs in the country, which requires huge commitment from a core group of voluntary staff.

The Coaches that train the benecosMavericks VNSL and Pathway Squads are fully committed to benecosMavericks as it is a fantastic club to be part of, with an emphasis on the people involved, from athletes to fans.

Athletes choose to come to benecosMavericks for the expert coaching and amazing comradery; all volunteers are proud to be part of an exciting club which offers so much personal reward to those who are able to say they are part of benecosMavericks.


If you are interested in joining the benecosMavericks team and being a part of the future of this exciting franchise there's loads you can do!  

Volunteering is a rewarding experience benefiting the individual by developing skills for use at college, university or in the workplace. There are a whole range of volunteering opportunities available with benecosMavericks, for more information email admin@mavericksnetball.co.uk

If you are interested in joining our match day volunteer workforce, then please complete and return our  Support Staff Application Form

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