Welcome to the Ultimate Netball Club

Saracens Mavericks Masterclasses

Saracens Mavericks Masterclasses are a great opportunity for the more experienced netballer to gain valuable coaching from our top-level coaches and to further upskill themselves while continuing to develop their understanding of the game. Our masterclasses are from 10:00am - 3:00pm and are priced at £45.00 per session. A maximum of 24 girls will be permitted. 

We are also offering specialist masterclasses which will be coached by our very own Saracens Mavericks players or coaching staff. These specialist classes go for three hours and are usually from 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00. (Please note times may vary due to court and coach availability and will be as advertised). Specialitst masterclasses are priced at £30.00 per session. A maximum of 24 girls will be permitted. 



Our development masterclasses are coached by a Saracens Mavericks squad member or one of our program coaches and are for elite girls who are aiming to trial for satellite, county or regional academies. These sessions will begin with an intense, game-like warmup followed by a plyometric/speed session. The session will then focus on a specific technical aspect of the game which will be stripped back and built back up in a fun but challenging way to test the girls both physically and mentally. The session will conclude with game play played under constraints to further test and develop their newly learnt skill. 



Our futures masterclasses are for girls who are currently within our satellite and county academies as well as our futures pathway. These camps are also coached by a Saracens Mavericks squad member or one of our program coaches. These sessions will follow a similar outline as the development camps (above) but girls will be pushed further both physically and mentally. They will be challenged on their understanding and awareness of the game and will be asked to come up with their own solutions to better develop their ability to think for themselves while under fatigue and pressure on the court.


SPECIALIST POSITIONAL MASTERCLASSES - School Years 7-12 (Must play in a club and/or school)

Our specialist masterclasses are coached by a Saracen Mavericks team member or our very own VNSL Coaches; Head Coach, Kat Ratnapala or Assistant Coach, Camilla Buchanan. These masterclasses will be either position specific; defence, midcourt, shooter OR game specific; man-on-man defence, centre pass attack, centre pass defence (etc), with each session focusing on both technical and tactical aspects of the game. The focus of each masterclass will be explained in further detail when advertised.